Using Local SEO for Targeted Traffic

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As the internet grows, so do the number of local searches. You are about to learn about a few SEO techniques that will take you far in this business.

Writing an SEO'd classified ad is one of the best ways to leverage local SEO--this is an easy tip to take to heart. This is a simple way to take advantage of local search efforts because the big search engines really like those kinds of sites and the more you use them the more likely it is that you can send targeted local traffic to your business's website. Start out by listing your business on Craigslist because, out of all of the classified portals out there, it is the most popular. As a business owner you need to be sure that you are posting optimized ads on Craigslist on a regular basis. Your ads need to be targeted specifically for your market. Take care that your ad is simple and not garish. When you write your ads you should focus on your title because this is what will get people to read it. The keyword phrase and your city and state should be included in the title. You might think of your Craigslist ad as a landing page of sorts because, if you pay attention, you'll see that often the ads on Craiglist are higher ranked than the websites they advertise. So a good strategy is to use the Craigslist ad as a channel to funnel in the traffic towards your site, which is your ultimate aim. USFreeAds is another highly ranked classifieds site that you can use--it won't work as well as Craigslist but it can get the job done. You can either try to piggy back your site's traffic from the classifieds sites but your main goal should be to simply use them to send targeted traffic to your business directly.

SEO experts all know the value of a good title tag. When you�re first starting out with SEO, you�ll find yourself wanting to ignore the title tag, but that�s the worst thing you can do if you want to rank well. When you�re aiming to go for local SEO, you have to use the title tag for your own advantage. A interesting part about local searches is the lack of competition as compared to broad based keywords.

That�s why title tags need to be developed so that they always use the keywords you�ve decided upon and they must also include what city and state you�re trying to focus on. This will tell the search engines exactly where to rank you. This is the most important aspect of SEO and you can�t ignore it. Remember that when it comes to title tags, fewer keywords are always better.

You should also try to get listed with all those directories that are the Yellow Pages on the web. Start out with,, and, for example, offers businesses free listings online and they get more than one hundred million searches every month. At the same time, supplies its business listings to the bigger portals like MSN and You can have a very basic listing with them for free.

So if you want to improve your search engine rank and get more traffic, remember to apply these local SEO techniques.

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